Saturday, March 21, 2015

10th Anniversary Cruise!

Last week Brian and I left Billy with the grandparents and went on a week long Caribbean Cruise! We celebrated being together for 10 years on Valentine's Day, and here are the pics from our travels!

Embarking Day in Puerto Rico!

Billy's Favorite Bar of ALL time: The Duck & Dog!

Starting the vacation of right :) 

Day two we had at sea, and spent time at the pool and then had a fantastic formal dinner! 
Don't mind the boobs :-/

Day three was in Barbados and we went snorkeling and had an awesome time looking at some sunken ships, on a beautiful beach, and then touring the island.

The next day we were in St Lucia and went deep sea fishing!

Afterward we had a fancy french lunch on the harbor, we were unable to find a "bake" at the market, but all the smells were the same as what I remember from 1994 :)

Day 5 was Antigua and we went to a gorgeous beach!

Formal Dinner #2!

The next day was St Maarten. We went to Orient beach and it was so gorgeous! There was even a nude beach part... we did not get nude!

Our fun group at dinner :)

St croix was our last day and we went snorkeling at Buck Island. It is federally protected and incredibly gorgeous. We saw the most amazing coral reef, colorful fish, 2 squid, and a barracuda!

Vacations are good for the soul :)

New friends and fun memories!