Saturday, February 28, 2015

Remember that time when Brian cut Billy's hair...

Last weekend I got to spend time with my cute little side kick. This little blue eyed boy is the cutest!

Then Saturday night my friend of 8 years Betsy and I had a girls night and went to see a movie after having dinner at the Heathman. Best girls night ever :)

Sunday this guy still was just the cutest!

Brushing his hair :) He likes to use all sorts of things to brush his hair. Like the Little Mermaid :) 

So then Brian decided to give him a haircut... and now he looks so different!

Music buddies!

Blue eyed babe

He loves his "Tuck" books

He is the cutest in his little sleep sack and with his tiny buh buh 

Loves his yogurt!

Again with his "tuck"

Helpin mom ;)

He is still hit or miss on those naps... so he snuck one in during a short car ride. So sneaky little Billy ;)

Checkin out the lobster....

Friday, February 20, 2015

Who needs naps?

This week Brian had Monday off so he got to come watch Billy swim! Billy did great and is floating on his back so well!

This week Billy started standing in his crib solo = meaning no sleeping. I don't think he knows how to get down so he gets really upset :(

Trying to fill some afternoon time without that second nap means that I love to wear him around. We tried hiking out on our property, but it got cut short because we ran into some brambles :-/

Billy had a day with his Grandparents and looks awfully cute in his bath!

1 yr check up! Billy weighs 23b 1 oz and is 30 inches tall! So big! That was 75% for both :)

He also got 5 vaccines. That's painful for Billy... but also hard on this momma :(

He's not the biggest fan of the new baby gates obviously.

He likes to put things in cups now. All things in all cups. So cute.

Walking and pointing! Two of his favorite things.

This Wednesday we went to Ash Wednesday at St John's. Billy's second time!

Walking and peeking at mom :)

First bubble bath! With bubbles! So fun!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Billy is 1 year old!

Happy 1st Birthday Billy!

My baby boy. My first baby. I can't believe that you are One! 

I love you more and more each day, and you have made my heart grow exponentially. I actually did not know I could love so much.

I love your little voice saying "Mama" It is by far the best tiny sound in the world and I hope to keep that sound in my heart for all of my life. 

Right now you are taking up to 10 steps between Dad and Mom... ending in a dive for a hug :) Pulling up to standing, and walking with your little push walker. 

Other than Mama, you are also saying "Duck, Cup, Truck, Dog" and you started to "Mooo" "Hiss" and "Roar" when we look through your books with animals in them.

You love to read, you love to snuggle your little blue blanket before sleeping, you love food (but not bottles of milk these days), you love drinking out of cups, and love putting things in cups :) You love your dog, any duck, and pushing trucks. 

My baby Billy, I am so happy that I get to be your Mama and I am excited to live this life with you to help you grow and learn. 

Prince William's Royal 1st Birthday

Last Sunday we celebrated Billy's 1st birthday!! We had a fun party with our family and celebrated our not so little boy.

We celebrated our "Prince William" with a Royal Birthday

Singing Happy Birthday to my favorite little boy!

Love my little family

"What are theses shenanigans, mom?"

Billy, I love being your mom. Happy 1st Birthday my sweet boy.

The aftermath...