Tuesday, January 27, 2015

49 weeks!

Last Sunday 1/18, Jackie and I helped celebrate Baby Girl Robison! We hosted a "Sugar & Spice, and Everything Nice" Shower for Lacey and it was so fun!

The next day was MLK day so Brian and Dale went out hunting and Billy and I recovered from a little cold.

He's loving to have a "cup" these days :)

Dad with his bounty...

Why spend money on toys? Plastic cups and bottle brushes are the way to go ;)


We had a fun Starbucks date, just Billy and I, and he loved the people watching almost as much as I did. We need to work on being inconspicuous though, buddy...

I am in love with his kisses. I'm usually the one kissing him ;)

He had some awesome bed head this week...

He looks so old here just eating his scrambled eggs and a banana!

He's the cutest

He also had a pretty cute FaceTime date with Mimi this week "Dog! Dog!"

This is one of Billy's new tricks- Raise your arms to get a tickle :)

Duck lipped duo

Billy is still army crawling, but he's so fast he comes out blurry!

Sunday a group of my favorite ladies went out for brunch and pottery painting to celebrate Piper's birthday. Fun day with fun friends!

I was setting up the bath on Sunday night and this little Mr sat quietly playing with his toys solo for about 10 min. I just stayed out of view and watched... he can have all the practice he wants for that skill!

He then also was so excited about his bath! He stands up on his tippy-toes to see in the tub. He's so adorable :)

Monday, January 19, 2015

48 weeks!

We celebrated the Ducks going to the Natty from home, and missed Brian while he was at the game :) I did have the cutest little duck by my side though :) He even wore his new hoodie!

On Tuesday we met Milo! We had such a fun time visiting Kayla and Milo and hanging out with our friend Angela!

Billy and I then went over to Hazel's, but both the kiddos took great naps. So great in fact, that we didn't even see Hazel :)

Wednesday we had music and then went to lunch with Katey and Lyla!

We then also took a few pics to try out Billy's new hat for his birthday coming up. He wasn't too impressed.

We had a break from the rain a little bit this week, so we got to put in some miles outside with our pup.

Cutest little buns

And floating practice :)

I love him :)

Here are the boys in their Green Bay gear... they were pumped for the big game this weekend :)

Just a boy and his dog...