Sunday, November 30, 2014

Tree hunting

We went to a fun little tree farm down the road and found our tree! Fun to take Billy, he's so cute all bundled up, however I think he's a little big for the Bjorne now though... My not so little baby ;)

Not the best by our tree... So we did a redo ;)

Take 2 :)

Selfie :)

I was so excited for the tree because I was looking forward to Billy seeing it. He loved it. He helped me find the magic in Christmas. I had lost it for a little while, but it is now found. 

41 weeks!

I love my little family, and I was definitely looking forward to the family time after such a busy fall. Billy, Brian and Dale were all sick this week though so it was busy in a different way. They're all on the mend... And here are the pics from the week:

Bathing beauty

So sweet 

So happy :)

A little naked baby...

Nothin! ;)

Working on crawling... He's doing an Army crawl now!

Loving the pears still!

Hello bed head!

Loving kitchen toys

Watching the Civil war at The Leneves

Billy's 1st Thanksgiving

This year the Bormans came up for the holiday and it made it so nice for Billy. He had a great first Thanksgiving! Hosting Thanksgiving for only the second time, and it was so fun to use our wedding China and stemware! 

It was a lot of work to host a party of 8 for a large dinner, but it was so fun! It was busy though so I didn't get as many pics as I would have liked. The prep was a week long thing including food and decorations, but that was really fun too!!

This year we got a turkey from the butcher to prep and smoke. It had great reviews so we did a Maple Burbon brine that seemed easy enough... However, this brining thing was a little harder than it seems- exhibit A:

Using the traeger:

The finished Turkey!

Hanging with the bros...

Making whipped cream was a little loud! Haha :)

Family photos

Billy's 1st Duck Game

Last year at a Duck game I felt Billy's hiccups or the first time while standing in the crowd... Such a wonderful memory :)

After making it to almost every game last year, Billy and I only made it to the last home game this year. We had a fun family day and it was neat to take Billy to Autzen Stadium!

He did so great in the Ergo carrier, through the rain and the noise even! Hopefully next year there will be less night games and we can make it to more!
 This mama did not mind cuddling him for the map either ;)

We met up with my family in the Mo at halftime and it was great to let Billy move around. 

Duck lips at the duck game ;)

All because two ducks fell in love :)

9 months!

Our baby boy is 9 months! 
Where has time gone?

This sweet boy loves to be on the move... With help... But is busy and intelligent and just so joyful. He's starting to show his preferences, and really let us know!

At his check up he passed with flying colors... Except that he had no interest in crawling, just walking ;)

He was very interested in the Dr as well... 

Our healthy boy looks long and lean (to me, compared to before anyway) and is in the 75% for height and weight :)
(He looks embarrassed to be naked ;)

He is getting better at picking up finger foods, and is loving table food in general. Baby yogurt and mozzarella cheese are his fave... Still not a fan of tart things. He's so animated when he eats ;) He still is nursing 4-5 times a day and has started hugging back/resting his head on me when I put him to bed and I'm not sure I could love anything more. Trying to really soak up those cuddles before he is too busy and mobile for his mom ;)

Also, we think he is trying to say "dog" because he will say it when he sees Dale, and it's pretty adorable :) his dada and gaga sounds are amazing... His clapping and very occasional wave melt my heart... Next lets just try to say mama ;)