Friday, September 26, 2014

Last "two teeth baby" photo shoot!

This sweet boy is cutting his two top teeth! This picture shoot was to capture my favorite smiling boy while he just has his 2 bottom teeth! Billy is growing and growing, and I love capturing his joy. Who can resist that smile and those baby rolls though? :)

Mom is so funny! 

My two teeth! 

This little boy got pretty tired, and was making his "ooooooo" tired sounds. We did the majority of these photos after his nap, and he took a champion nap at that, but these are his too cute for words tired pics.  Even being so sleepy, he took the sweetest pics this Mama could have ever seen. 

31 weeks!

Sunday I had a fun girls date for Lacey's bday

And then some cute Billy time too...

This Moby wrap wearing mama had a sore back after toting Billy around ;)

I love this cute boy! His faces kill me, and we have so much fun on our days together!


Bed head :)


Using a Bubba for the first time. Seems to like it :)

Silly faces :)

Standing practice with Dad

Billy. Goat.  
Annie is still here working down our briar bushes. Our friend asked if the goats name is Billy... But we already have a Billy ;)

Little rocky over here after his bath :)

This little guy is my favorite morning buddy. 

Getting ready to go the employee store for some bday shopping... He wore his "Mellows" from our friends Catherine and Phil. He was pretty happy about it!

First time at Nike... Wore him out!

Our water bottles. He did so good using the sippy and modeling after me how to use the straw. So smart. :)

These boys are working on a trick here. 

We tried the layered look... But this sleep and play might need to be retired ;) too much of a deep V. 

This 31 week baby is looking more and more like a little boy... Sitting up so big :)