Monday, August 25, 2014

27 weeks!

Here are the pics from our week! A little Sunday morning nursery rhyming...

Then we attempted a tractor pull. Brian goes every year, this was Billy's first. It was a little loud and scary, and we had a little trouble trying to get a nap in the car on the way, but it was a good way to catch up Brian on what living on "Billy time" means. ;)

Billy and I spent our time out in the shade for a lot of it ;)

He's pretty cool. 

Monday we had a Zoo date with Lyla and Katey and we loved it!

He was helping in the kitchen as I made him some pears!

Then our little mister got really good at putting his rolling together to get to where he wants to go!

Welcoming our new side table to the house :) much easier to baby proof than our cubbies earlier. 

Dropping gma Kim off at the airport. 

Picnic with mom. The perfect opportunity for a million selfies :)

He's growing so big! Touching head and toes when he is sideways!

Then we met little Jack!

So close to mobile. 

Brian's mom sent a pic of Brian at 6 months and so it was an inspiration to make a side by side. 

Trying out the pears :)

A little outdoor work. 

I kind of love this family selfie ;)

In no time he will get onto Dales bed...

Oh hey Mom...

Practicing sitting...

Whoops. Haha. ;)

Also in No time we will need cabinets ;)

Friday play date with Hazel :)

Happy boy for Aunti Ali, it was her bday but dinner was a little late and a little loud for this kiddo. 

Saturday we saw great gma Floss. They like each other :)

Then we had a pasta date ;)

I love this tiny joyful boy. His joy gives me so much joy. 


"All done"