Thursday, July 31, 2014

23 weeks

Last Monday we had a poolside day with Jenna and Jenny. Such a fun sunny day :)

Saw this beautiful view of my hood over a farm on our way home...

And we had a fun visit with aunt Windy (even though he looks skeptical by his eyebrows, he had lots of fun too)

And we walked all 3 crazy dogs!

Reaching through the obstacles to get to those feet!

Testing outfits for family photos, he was making a "pshhhhhh" sound here :)

He scooting backwards in this walker and it's too cute!

Get this feet!

Cutest lion ever

Shopping, using my boobs as a shelf

Trying to turn..,

On 7/24 was Brian and my 4th anniversary! Quite the changes. Each year we have done something huge and it's so amazing this adventure we are on together. First we bought a house, then we got Dale, then went to Europe, now we have a son. Very thankful to be Brian's wife and Billy's momma... Dales mom too ;)

He also got me these gorgeous flowers (I love love love pink roses) and a night away and spa package at Bonneville hot springs! Can't wait to have a romantic getaway!

I love this boy..,

We went to Camas days for about an hr on Friday and it was fun to see a few friends and get outside end have fun food :)

Saturday we went to McMinnville after Brian's cousins engagement party and hung with my family for a bit. Billy again looks skeptical ;)

Pretty cute at the table here :)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Amity pancake breakfast

This annual event is something Brian had gone to since as long as he can remember. Here is Billy's first time :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

22 weeks!

Here are last weeks pictures!

So serious with the jumping! #hardworkwork

Toys are more and more fun now that he can do more :)

We went down to Jenna's and "helped" make freezer meals before her babe arrives to next week, and man were we happy she was fully ready for baby because it made our life so much easier!

Come out baby!

It's easier to chew this way ;)

Loving the jumper!

Massage time photos on his 5 month bday :)

We went to lunch with our friends at Beaches, and Billy and Hazel tried high chairs. They did so good! It was Billy's first time. 

With their Sophie's

Just chillin' it

Same babies, new chairs :)

Zoo lander?

Best smiles!
Brian was in Tahoe for the weekend and so I finished my college scrapbooks which was so fun! I also watched a lot of DVR. It's less fun without him around!

Billy at swimming :)

Tuckered out!

Tiny buns ;)

His little face had a run in with the floaties at swimming. Oops!

Morning cuddles...

What's up with this bib mom? Kind of looks like the weird dinosaur from Jurassic park with the spread out neck ;)

Where's the monkey?

Saturday my kappa loves came over for a glass of wine after Billy was sleeping... It was so fun and I hadn't laughed that hard in a long time :) love these fabulous women!

Taking over Brian's spot ;)

Cleaning out some party puffs ;)

We tried our high chair this weekend too!

And took lots of walks :)