Tuesday, June 24, 2014

18 weeks!

During this week, Billy and I made the trek down to Eugene and back for Ian's graduation ceremony at U of O! It was a long trip but glad we could make it! Billy was a trooper for the 6+hrs in the car for one day. We listened to A LOT of his favorite song "Hello Everybody" on his music class cd. 

Here's a peak through the trees at the graduate!

And my sweet boy, in the Bjorne when it turned rainy... We found cover. 

There was an actual thunder storm during the ceremony...

But he celebrated none the less :)

Love this boy. 


The next few days were full of naps and playing just at home... We are working on sleep training and each book emphasizes the importance of getting good naps. It's strict business!

Can't get over his cuteness 

I got a little giggle here :)

And we finally got some swim class pics ;) he's a little shy in his suit :)

And Hazel looking adorable as always :)

Jessie's wedding weekend!

Heading out to Sisters, OR for Jessie's wedding!

These two... 💙

Vacations a little harder with a baby... But overall went well! Brian and Billy had a date while Nicole and I were at the wedding. 

Kappa sisters in Sisters :)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

17 week!

This week Billy is 17 weeks! Here are the week photos!

He likes laying on his tummy :)

Dale had a play date with Nash and LOVED life. 

"What like this is hard?" Well, considering you used to not be able to hold it, I figured it was picture worthy ;)

Putting the Physicians Desk Reference to use... Thanks Tim!

He's liking his new Duck Paci! 

I love him stretching! He does it when he wakes up and it melts my heart ❤️

And sometimes I hate car naps because they are often too short, but when I can drive and he gets a full nap, it makes it more ok :)

They love each other!

My sweet sleepy boy was waking up tired bc he wasn't sleeping well at night... I liked the morning cuddles but don't like it when he doesn't sleep well. 

Dale had a sleepy morning that day too! He didn't wanna even leave his kennel!

This pic looks like he's too happy to handle it ;)

Saturday we went to Lindsay's baby shower in this adorable new gap outfit... But he had a blow out in the car do we didn't even wear it to the party. :(

And we tried the Bjorne face out... Maybe I'll out his arms over top next time?

I love wearing him and carrying him, so we are both getting used to the stroller. 

This little guy in Brian's 1985 sweat suit... Pretty adorable!