Saturday, April 26, 2014

10 weeks!

This week our little guy is now 10 weeks old! He is smiling daily, and getting more interactive with hos toys where he now bats at them and talks to them. Probably the cutest thing ever when he talks to them :)

He also stopped making this cute little "ohwww" sound after his sneeze. Must have been just a baby thing :( He's growing up! ;)

Here are this weeks pics! We start off by him batting his butterfly...

I think he's starting to look like a little Gerber Baby with those cheeks!

I think Gerber Baby, Brian thinks Sumo wrestler...

We had a play date with these boys for Hunter's first birthday, Billy just watched these boys, but in the years to come they will have so much fun together!

My new obsession is trying to catch his smiles on camera :) I can't get enough.

My little lion man...

When we were in the car one day I saw him in the mirror looking at his hand in amazement as it went back and forth; this sweet little one is learning so much each day!

And then here he is flirting with the camera ;)

We had a successful coffee date with Jenna too!

We are getting ready for swimming class, so we got the cutest little shorts!

And more bath time pics...

He looks a little unsure there, makes me laugh!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

9 weeks!

Here are the pics of the week! 9 weeks and I love this *sometimes* smiler. Can't get enough!

He likes to have meetings in the afternoons with his friends...

And he had a tough Thursday and friday after his shots. I had no problem giving him extra snuggles, but his shots made me cry ;-(

Out on our walks we have made friends with some of our neighbors and one in particular has given us a lot of veggies in the summer, and this week it was eggs from their chickens! 

And then in our free time I just take pics of this cutie :)

Billy's First Easter

What is a holiday without some themed pics? 

Brian's company gave Billy a gift box with some bunny ears, a cotton tail, a carrot, and a blanket... why not put them to good use right? Billy the bunny made for some adorable photos so I am glad he was such a trooper!

This Easter morning was so fun because Brian set up the Easter baskets while I was still sleeping, and it was such a fun little morning with our family of 3 for the first time. I love my little family :)

Again... lots of pics trying to capture his smile...

My mom and dad came up on Saturday and we baked and cooked up a storm and had a great little Eater feast with the 4 of us, that was so fun :)

And then on Sunday we speant the day with Brian's family. Billy even dressed up for the occasion!

We had a happy boy on our way home and then Brian worked in the garden some more. It was a great afternoon! 

So much progress! He's been working hard, and it's exciting to get some berries in the ground!