Saturday, March 22, 2014

6 weeks!

This Saturday Billy turned 6 weeks! It's crazy to think I have only know him for 6 weeks, but it's hard to remember what it was like without knowing him. We've learned that he is sweet and likes to cuddle when he is tired, that he is very alert and likes to hold his head up to look at everything (his favorite are the stars on our living room wall),  that he yell cries when he is mad and wants us to help him (particularly at night when he needs attention), and that he is very sneaky and will get his little hands out of the swaddle me and wake himself up. Proof below...

Still looking pretty tiny in the crib here :)

On Sunday the 22nd, our friend Kilee got to meet Billy. He was a big fan and snuggled right in.

We have been friends since the dorms in 2003!

Billy helped work on the planter boxes over the sunny weekend as well. He's so patient and did great!

Dale was pretty please having him outside too :)

And we just have our weekly plethora of pictures to follow...

We are still working on getting rid of his cradle cap, so we washed his hair in the sink a few extra times.
I think he looks like he's at a salon here.

After last week where he gave himself a bloody nose with his little nail, he's grounded to mittens. He's not too sure about them.

And here he is with his friend Kelsey. She brought a yummy dinner and hung out with our little guy for the evening.

Doing tummy time is exhausting! He does so great! Sometimes he tips over to his back though when he's over it... I'm not sure that really counts as rolling over ;)

Here he was caught sleeping on the job! He was supposed to be awake while I made dinner... and while "quietly" looking out the window, he was sleeping. Sneaky fellow.

Here is our tiny duckling while we were out walking Dale...

Uncle Max came to visit this week too!

I sure love this little guy, so much. It's a tough job being a mom to a newborn, but I can't say I have ever had this much love and happiness. It's definitely teaching me patience and flexibility, and how to fully understand the meaning of unconditional love.

Silly Billy lost his pacifier in his ear.

And these wonderful friends came all the way up to visit! Betsy and Mimi and I became friends while working at the VA when I started there in 2008!

And then when we did more outside walk and work we dressed our little guy in his Billy bear suit. Cutest baby ever.

Here is the same outfit... The day we brought him home, and then at 6 weeks!

He's a big fan of his Dad. I love it.

And here he is with Kelly and her mom :) He was a happy napper being held by these women!

And then we also get some not so happy faces

But also some really happy ones!

I love this little guy, so much! On his 6 week day I got out of the house for a little solo time between feedings and he and Brian did great! What a great family I have :) Feeling lucky and in love with these guys!

5 weeks

This last week we made a huge outing and got all dressed up for Billy's Great Grandma Floss's 90th Bday party. While we didn't get any pics at the party, this is our little guy in a polo and jeans :)

He was so patient in the car, holding his little hands. I can't get over his little hands :)

This week he has done pretty well in his crib, he looks so tiny though in his little sleep sack! We tried a few different feeding options to get him so sleep longer (as much as you can with breast feeding) and he did a whole 6 hr stretch between feedings once... maybe we will get that back again here soon.

He looks so peaceful when he looks outside when we get all cleaned up

And he was the cutest baby ever on St Patrick's Day! I know I am biased though, but he's one good looking tiny Irish man.

Here he is in his Prince William Jammies from Angela...

That one looks like a little smile there :) I love our little family of 3!

And here is a pensive photo in his Montana Gear from Becca and Hardy.

Another fun day with my mom :)

So tired he had to rest his head.

Tiring tummy time :)

And then Jenna gave him a mohawk! Ha!

And he wore a sweatsuit and looked a little bit like Rocky.

Then I had these wonderful visitors! They brought yummy lunch, we had the best time catching up, and then they even cleaned my house! Sweetest ladies ever. I do have the greatest friends :)

I love this progression of tummy time... He is working SO HARD :) I love how much he is concentrating.

He's starting to look a little chunky too! Here he is with my dad,

And my Mama Hen Kayla came to visit.

He had a big boy bath and loved soaking in the tub.

Here he is matching his dad!

... and after the ducks lost :(

But this week he definitely has gotten bigger and stronger. A whole 10lb 9 oz! What a good boy! Love this kiddo :)