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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Week 38

38 weeks and the size of a 6 1/2 lb pumpkin! Ready to meet this little pumpkin :)

We did not expect this snow storm, but took advantage of the beautiful back drop! 

I know, I know, heart hands on the belly... But I did it :)

So pretty! I love our house :)

In fact, it was so snowy that I missed my last day at work before starting my leave (it's surprisingly hard to help deliver babies when you are 37+ weeks pregnant). Brian came home from work though with flowers, a card, and balloons... All for my "retirement". Thanks babe. 

Ps- I'm planning on trying to work on-call as an RN but most likely not full time... So for now I guess it's semi-retired? Brian has quite the sense of humor... It was very sweet though and made me cry. Shocker, I know :)

Looking forward to a baby though sometime soon over the next few weeks! Can't wait to meet this little guy!


  1. Omg!!! Brian is so sweet. What a cute surprise!!!!! You are so ready for this baby boy!!! The snow at your house is beautiful

  2. Adorable! You will be holding that baby boy of yours in no time! I love the "retired" flowers and balloons!

  3. You look so great! Did Brian take these photos? Great job :)
    Happy retirement - but also, congrats on the new job starting any day!!!

  4. I'm rooting for FEBRUARY 25th!!!!!!! (Sawyer's birthday!) And that's the same term Erik used when I cut back my hours in October too!!! "Semi-Retired", I love it :) Looking amazing my love, hope you're feeling amazing too!!!!!! Even though you probably aren't because I know what 38+ weeks feels like ;) LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you, praying for you and your growing family every day :)