Saturday, February 22, 2014

1 week old

We brought our sweet little one home from the hospital on Monday the 17th, it was very surreal to be taking him home with us!

Billy Bear in his Car Seat.

We like to hold hands ;)

And now comes just a plethora of baby pics...

"Go home Bill, you're drunk"

This was our set up the first night... lots of diapers and Vaseline ready for the night.

Dale and Billy getting acquainted.

Father and son

Then on Saturday we gave him a bath and he did great! Success for the first bath at home :)

Still getting used to each other.

With Brian's parents and his sister.

With my brother Ian

With my mom

With my best friend Kelly :) 

Our first walk!

And here is our handsome 1 week old!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Birthday William Henry

Saturday morning, February 15th I woke up with contractions around 4:30am. They felt different than what I had experienced before and seemed to be coming at regular intervals so I downloaded an app to start tracking. They were coming about every 6 minutes and I had to fidget through them every time so around 6:30am I woke up Brian and said I was contracting his response was "are you serious???"

At that point it became pretty real that this was early labor and I started crying because I was mourning the end of this pregnancy. I was more over joyed than I can explain that I was going to meet our son and be able to see his face, but sad that these were the last kicks I would feel inside. This was an unexpected emotion. 

After a little crying and cuddling, we got up and got to work. Brian was so supportive with back rubs and hot homemade rice packs (ps- don't microwave rice in a ziplock because it makes a huge mess). Also using a birth ball and bath really helped. 

We kept tracking and then around 11am we called to check in with the Dr and she said head on in to L&D. My nurse brain did not want to go in unless it was real labor and I said to Brian multiple times, "I hope this isn't false because I don't want to be sent home and have to go through this all over again." 

We finished packing and cleaned up the house and I called my friend Alissa to check in before heading in to the hospital. She was so supportive and said she gave the unit a heads up, so then we headed in to the hospital around 12pm and that car ride for 30 minutes was rough. We got there and walked in and picked up the phone to be let in the unit and Brian said "I need help, my wife is in labor" and so these nurses started running to the door. But we were fine :) funny to think back on though. When we got there I saw two friends that work there and started crying, again...

We got checked in and Brian took one last belly photo: 

The nurse then came in and checked my cervix and I was 6 cm and while I was so painful I was so happy that it was real labor. They asked what I wanted to do, and I was so very ready for my epidural. However, a multip down the hall had dibs on the anesthesiologist first so we waited another hour before he came... And oh boy fentanyl was my friend. 

Around 2:15pm I got my epidural and I was still so very uncomfortable that they gave me an epidural bolus and rechecked and I was an anterior lip (9.5cm) and so we allowed the bolus to set in and I just rested, but the adrenaline shakes were no joke. At that time my sweet friend Jenna came up to take some pics, and I can't explain how much emotion this captures. Such a great memory to be able to relive... 

It was hard to turn off my nurse brain and I was very sensitive to each variable in his heart beat that he had... And I know I kept asking if he was doing ok but I couldn't not be concerned. Everything was good though :)

A little before 5pm my bag of waters bulged out intact and we knew that it was go time. We started pushing at 5pm and he was born at 5:39pm!

I did not know that my heart is 6lb 14oz and 19.5 inches long :)

Now we are a family of 3. 

This board summarizes the most memorable and emotional day of my life. Brian said it was like "take your husband to work day" :)

We have a son.