Sunday, December 28, 2014

45 weeks!

Here are the pics from the week of Christmas, we had a busy week... Here's Billy cracking around. So mobile!

Helping Mom clean before Christmas :)

Sleeping Beauty

Just driving now...???

Bed head :)

Post Christmas Giftcard shopping :)

These pics are from Brian's phone:

They are logging behind our house, so Brian and Dale took a walk

Dog and Cat ;)

Just standing, no big deal

Lunch with Kelly!

At the Grotto looking at the festival of lights :)

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Billy's First Christmas

Merry Christmas from the VanHoys! We had a busy few days and had multiple Christmas celebrations, and we started with picking up a really nice gift for this Momma at Shane Co! Who doesn't like new bling?

Traffic was tricky so we had to stop and eat on the way, so we made the most of it and stopped at Brian's favorite place The Pizza Caboose. Billy did great, and my boys are just so cute!

We got to Tillamook finally and Grandad read Twas the Night Before Christmas to Billy... the speedy version for Billy's short attention.

The next day we did gifts and Billy was so cute looking at his new toys!

Future Duck Hunter

He looks so cute eating dinner with Windy and Grandad. :)

Everyone else wore Ugly sweaters and we all got Oregon Santa hats... We look like quite the crowd, but it's a cute pic!

Our blanket scarves...

Dinner on Christmas Eve

I love my little family

We headed home and woke up the next morning and Santa had visited! He even ate the cookies off of the Santa plate ;) We had so much fun with Billy on Christmas morning!

Love drunk with his new play table

Billy's First Christmas!

That evening Diane, Jeff, and Alison came over after we went to the Barn and hosted our first Christmas Ham dinner! It was a busy day, but so fun. I didn't get many pics unfortunately but they sent me this one of Billy... "What's in my hair guys?"

The 26th we ventured down the Amity to celebrate with Diane's side of the family and had a great time! Here's the family pic:

Overall it was a busy whirlwind but oh so fun. It felt like it flew by, so it was a good lesson to celebrate all month long so that we have the Christmas spirit the whole month, Brian and I talked about how much fun Christmas will be with the coming years when Billy will get excited about it. With so many fun activities to do, we will need to make a Christmas activity list to fit it all in. So much fun :)

Lastly, this pic remains one of my very favorites, we just found it on Brian's phone, it's a family Selfie while we were out Tree Hunting:

Sunday, December 21, 2014

10 months!

Happy 10 months to our favorite little boy! You're on the move and it is incredible to see him focus on what he wants and then get there! He's army crawling, wanting to stand and walk at all times, practically running and sliding in his walker, and of course saying Dog all the time :) by far the best baby ever, and we love you so much Billy!

43 weeks!

Here are the pics from the week! Obviously we are still teething ;)


Naked baby!

We had a fun play date at Lylas too!

Snuggles ;)

Thursday out power went out so we went out to dinner!

Checking on his favorite Dog

We did a little Christmas shopping too :)

Last weekend was so fun! I had a fantastic pedi and lunch date with these wonderful women!

And this cutie picked me up :)

And then we headed to Tillamook. Brians and Ian hunted, so Billy and I hung out at the farm.