Monday, July 29, 2013

3rd Anniversary!

Brian and I celebrated three years of marriage this past week!

I love my husband so much :)

We went to dinner after work at the melting pot and had such a fun and yummy night out!

When we got home, I had this surprise on the counter:

3 different colors of roses for 3 years of marriage! 2 dozen each :) so sweet and thoughtful.

This was such a huge surprise because Brian bought my Anniversary gift in Paris and I've been using it for the past few months :)

This was my anniversary gift:

Because of that, I didn't expect anything else!

Another surprise is that my parents sent me flowers at work :)

The following weekend we went to a beautiful wedding at the same church where we got married! It was so fun to celebrate 3 years at this beautiful church!

Baby Houston

One of my oldest and dearest friends, not to mention a sorority sister ;), Mary Beth allowed me to be part of their blessing coming into this world. Mary Beth and Brian welcomed their son Houston Boyd into the world 8 weeks ago, and this last weekend we got together to take some photos. They have such a beautiful family! I hope you enjoy the pics!

He was such a good baby, but I think we tuckered him out :)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Week 10

10 weeks! 1/4 of the way there!! This week tiny baby VanHoy is the size of a kumquat! What the hell is a kumquat?? According to Wikipedia, it's a citrus fruit about the size of an olive.

Still feeling under the weather this week but happy to be in the double digits :)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Weekend in Nyssa

Once a year my KKG little sis and I try to get together, and as we live 400 miles away from each other, it takes a lot of planning.  Since 2007 we have made it work, minus one year... But who's counting ;) This year was our year to head to eastern Oregon and even Dale made the trip with us :) 

Like always, we had a blast. The boys did a lot of fishing, the pups did a lot of running through the sprinkler, and Tiffany and I did a lot of talking, so we call it a win.

As a new adventure, Tiffany, her sister Alisha, and her nephews, helped me get started on making my first quilt.

To be continued on the quilt making :)

We also went to a rodeo and it was very impressive. The stampeders and the cowboys put on a great show. 

We also got to see their new farm out in God's country as Tiffany called it :) and it is so exciting to see the potential and future making roots in that ground. 

Once again we had a fabulous weekend and I'm so glad to have this lady in my life :)

Week 9

Week 9 and the size of a grape!

Brian called it Greg the Grape and he left me this note this morning:

Made me cry a little... In a good way :)

Feeling pretty under the weather these days and needed to get a few more morning sickness things from Babies R Us.  Tiny baby VanHoy is the Grape of Wrath this week :)

Got a few shirts too now that my mid section feels a little thicker and my current dresses are a little *ahem* tight  :-/

Thankful for a supportive husband right now :)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Week 8

8 weeks and the size of a kidney bean!

Brian is calling it Kid :)

Feeling under the weather at most times, and need to eat every 2 hrs otherwise nausea takes over... But I think that's a good sign for the growing baby, so I will put up with just about anything :)

We were at Rimma's wedding and took some fun 8 week pics too:

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Week 7

7 weeks and the size of a blueberry!

Brian said, "You're my boy Blue" :)

Went to babies r us and to get some preggo pops and ginger tea... That store has so many things! Kind of overwhelming, but exciting!