Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

Brian and I met with his family to attend Easter service at the church where we got married, St Patricks. It was so beautiful and special to be back :)

His parents gifted us a brick at the church, and it was so fun to see it!

We then headed to McMinnville and had a great Easter dinner with my family. Charlie and Mimi were both there too and it was fun to play with my camera :)


Skylar and his pup

Brian, me, Skylar, Max & Ian

Mom & Dad

My mom's bunny cake- Gluten Free this year!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ground clearing

Starting in February the ground started to dry a little, so Brian go to work. He is clearing a space for some fruit trees and garden beds, and getting rid of some shrubs, weeds, and blackberries...

This last weekend while I was at work, he planted our fruit trees.
Fuji apples for me and cherries and plums for him :)

He was hard at work digging, planting, and putting up the wire yesterday while I was at work and so today I had the job of watering. Of course there is no water access down there yet since it's down the hill from our house, so I carried two 5 gallon buckets full of water down the hill, watered, carried them up, filled them, took them down... it was quite the job! Here is Dale, hard at work... he's even yawning...

This is a huge hill for those buckets full of water!

After "we" watered the trees, we went down to the creek and Dale perked right up to go for a swim.

Putting these pink Hunters to good use out here!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Practicing with Dale

I can't even count the number of times people have told Brain and I that it is important to "practice" raising a baby by getting a dog. Might be over a million times. Seriously. Not that I disagree, and I know that Brian and I have had some great conversations, problem solving, and team work as a result of Dale coming into our family, but it gets a little old, ya know?

Today I did in fact practice with Dale, but it was instead of parenting, it was with my new, fancy camera. I'm still working on honing my inner photographer and using my canon and photo shop, but I think I got some awfully cute pics of this little pup if I do say so myself :) definitely do feel some motherly love for this little guy...


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekend fun

Last weekend I got to spend an evening with one of my all time favorite women., and we celebrated her  bday early! We laughed, had yummy food, hung with her sweet baby, laughed some more, had some wine and watched Breaking Dawn Part 1 :) the boys were out playing air soft and eating BBQ, but we had so much fun without them! ;)


Such a fun evening with Lindsay and Baby Henry. Oh yeah, and her cat puked and it clogged the toilet. So instead of helping, I took a pic :)

The next morning I met with two of my closest girl friends and bridesmaids way back when I got married and we got pedicures. Mimosas and pedis, so much fun. They vetoed the pic I took of the 3 of us, but this one of my polish passed the test...

That night we celebrated out friend Rimma's fiancé's bday an I got to hang with these lovely ladies:

And of course got to play with Dale. Talk about a fantastic weekend :)