Sunday, February 24, 2013

Welcome Back Dale

Hunting school was a long 3 months for our little pup, and he's learned so much, not to mention grown so much. He's finished his training and we are so excited to welcome him back home! We picked him up this afternoon and trainer Butch showed us what he's learned before we brought our little guy home. Having him back helps our home feel more full... But I'll have to get back into the swing of cleaning my floors much more often :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

Brian and I had our first kiss on Valentine's Day 8 years ago and that's when we became official :) I love Valentine's Day for that reason. It's so fun to remember us first meeting and the first few times of hanging out. Jack Daniels, Varsity Blues, and a couple of school night hang outs were all it took for me to fall for Brian :)

This Valentine's Day I was at work until 730pm and thought that maybe there would be something fun planned because Brian wrote in our joint calendar "plans" at 8pm. On Tuesday when I asked if I needed to wear something nice after work and meet him somewhere for these "plans" he said "No, just head home." So I did and I wore sweats and uggs to work so that I was comfy after changing out of my scrubs... I got a message after work and I when I called Brian he said we were meeting at the Old Spaghetti Factory (one of my faves!) and he had a reservation. I was so excited... And I was in sweatpants :( we met at the restaurant and he looked nice in his work clothes and everyone there was dressed in valentine themes date clothing... And I was in sweatpants! I was so embarrassed! We had a fun dinner and I love my husband, but he denies telling me to go home and not wear anything special... Right babe... Like I would have worn sweatpants to a date night if I had known. :)

It was fun to have a date and to think about eating Italian food in Italy in just 3 months!! (Europe countdown is getting close!) I also came home to flowers, yummy treats (we are saving til after lent because someone forget he convinced me to give up sweets for lent) and a gift certificate for a massage! It was so thoughtful and sweet and I love my husband. I got him an ice cream maker that he's been talking about for a while now and a class to take with his buds about smoking and grilling meat. He was pretty excited!

I had such a fun date night and great Valentines Day with Brian... just wish I hadn't worn sweatpants!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Wilson David

My first newborn photo shoot was with one of the most beautiful newborns! Wilson! His mom is one of my favorite people, and I got to help bring this beautiful baby into the world :)

I brought a heated blanket and some props, and I put his mom to work holding up the white blanket :) These are my favorites from our afternoon together:

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Homemade candles

My friend Jenna and I got together to make little candles to give as Valentine's gifts. She's one of my favorites and we had a great time catching up as we crafted! She is quite the crafter, and you can follow her adventures and crafts on her blog here: Northwest Nightingale.

Here is our step by step for our homemade soy wax candles:

We melted 10lbs of soy wax in a large stock pot on med-low

We poured the melted wax in containers and added scent

Yep, we held the wicks with corndog sticks that my hubby saved

A vanilla scented cupcake candle

Jenna took these photos of our finished products:

Burlap, twine and a stamp finished our little gifts!

See more of Jenna's photography on Grace Photoworks!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

End of hunting season party

Hunting season for duck finished at the beginning of February and I get my husband's free time back... or at least part of it :) So we had a party! We invited Brian's work friends and my favorite Fisher Wives over and had a fabulous time!

Love him

The Fisher Wives: Brianne, Jackie, me, Sarah, Piper

Boaz Family and the cutest little Jameson yawn

Brian and his buddy Justin

Love this gal

KKG slumber party