Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nurses' Day Off

On a rare January day, five nurses all had the same day off and so we celebrated...

Ecstatic about car snacks!

My favorite! Evolution wine

It's a dessert wine

One of the first of many adventure with these ladies in beautiful wine country!

Monday, January 28, 2013

When we first met...

8 years ago today Brian was introduced to me at a Poker Party by my friend Kara. We each had our wingman, I had Kilee, he had Kyle, and we were set up to go to the Sapphire Ball just 2 weeks later...

I'd say it worked out quite well :)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

2 1/2 years

Today is Brian and my 2 1/2 year wedding anniversary and I love counting each and every milestone. Who doesn't like to celebrate, right?

After he got off work and my meeting today we had some returns to do at Columbia and so we made out way over to the West Side of Portland. That rarely happens so we made the most of it and went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and stopped by Shane Co. At Shane Co I had my ring cleaned and we did a little window shopping... I'm starting to plant the seed that for my 30th I would like a right hand eternity band. :) Brian seemed a little bored but was listening and even asked if I liked this or that. WOO HOO!!

So when we got home and settled in for the evening I realized it was our 2 1/2 anniversary and I went over to my hubby to thank him for the fabulous date for our half anniversary. He smiled very big and said "you're welcome." Riiiiiiiight. I bet he has had this planned for weeks ;)

Regardless, I loved our impromptu date and I whole heartedly love my hubby :)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The "short cut"

I had an awesome day shopping and catching up with my friend Lindsey yesterday, and when I was on my way back to meet up with Brian in Sun River I followed my maps navigation to take a short cut. You know what they say about short cuts, if it was easy, it would be the way.... And they were right.

Although it was 50 deg and clear in Bend, it was noticeably snowier on this short cut road. There may have been a sign that said "Restricted Access Dec-March" but I have not had trouble with snow in my car, so I kept going. By the time I realized it was too snowy and just getting worse, it was pretty late in he game, so when I stopped in order to reverse and turn around it was too late and I was stuck. Like stuck, stuck. Spinning tires, stuck. Of course I called Brian and he was about 40 min away, so I was just waiting.

About 10 min later I saw a Park Ranger Truck and flagged them down. They came up in their big truck and I got out to talk to them, and of course the water works started. It was very much a "Save this tearful damsel in distress" situation. As I was talking with them, I asked the other gal Ranger if this happens all the time an if everyone cries. She said yes it happens and the time, but not usually with the crying. Haha, I couldn't help it. The guy ranger I could tell had children or sisters, because he knew just how to talk to a crying lady. He kept saying "it's ok, you're going to be fine, we will get you out of here no problem" :) so thankful for these two rangers. They dug out my tires and put down some gravel and pushed my car so I could reverse my way out of the icy road.

As they guided me down the icy road, we were going about 5 miles an hour, and the song "Ridin Dirty" came on the radio. Awesomely Ironic.

Thank you Park Rangers for saving this damsel in distress :) I had a few glasses of wine when I got back to the house...

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Dale Update

I may or may not have called a few times already to get updates on Dale while he's at hunting school... So far he's getting A's on his report card :)

They say he keeps his kennel clean and follows direction, and is fetching around 40 yds by command. They also say he's very smart and a really nice guy. I miss the little guy!

Right now as we speak Brian is hunting and wishing he had Dale because he can't retrieve his ducks he got this morning. I think that's his way of saying he misses him too :)

Over halfway there... Only about 5 more weeks!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Celebrating Baby Wilson

My friend and co-worker Bethany and I had the privelege of throwing a baby shower for one of our favorite friends who was expecting her little Boy 1/23. Here are the photos from the shower:

L&D Candy Words

It's a Boy :)

Hot Cocoa Bar

Making Wilson a scrapbook

Megan, Kayla & Sybil scrapbooking

Bethany, Sybil, Becca, Angela, Sue, Rachel

Some AMAZING gifts!

Homemade and full of love <3>

Big Brother kit

Sofia and Jessica with Angela

Rachel loving on baby Wilson

Angela with the co-hosts!

Love for the baby bumps :)

Kayla, me, Angela

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Las Vegas

Brian and I left Phoenix and drove through the desert to Vegas, and it was so pretty. A very different type pretty.

We rented a car to get from point A to point B, and did I mention that they gave us a Fiat. HAHA it was kind of a joke in itself :)

Brian wasn't thrilled with our rental car...

It was so little, our shoulders were almost touching when we were driving.

Regardless of the silly and tiny car, the drive we beautiful and we enjoyed the desert on the way to Vegas.

I didn't know a cactus could be pink!

We passed by "Nothing", NV

We got to Vegas and Brian hit the roulet tables! He bet on Red, which was going well... until it didn't...

We went to the chandelier bar which I loved :)

I didn't realize how cold Vegas is in the winter! Brrrrrr...

Night 2 outside of our hotel:

We had a fancy steak dinner in Paris- it got us excited about our Europe trip coming in May!

Love these fountains!