Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Glitter Pumpkins

 Last Sunday I had a few of the Fisher Wives for a fun fall day. We had Chex Mix, Potato Soup, Autumn Candles, and Pumpkin Glittering. So much fun with these ladies. Here are the pics from the day:

Piper hard at work.
Brianne ready to glitter!
Spray Adhesive and Martha Sterwart Glitter

Piper's Halloween & Thanksgiving 
Craft Pumpkins

The Finished Pumpkins

Dale says Happy Halloween by the glitter pumpkins!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween 2012

The Saturday before Halloween, I ran into one of my Kappa Big Sis's best friends while getting a mani and pedi in Portland. She spur of the moment invited me to join them for their costume filled night on the town. I went back and forth because I didn't have a costume ready, and poor Dale was feeling pooly at home after he got neutered the day before. After some brainstorming and a 5 hour energy I put Dale to bed and made my way to Portland. I am so glad that I did because I had such a great time with my friend Rimma and her friends: 

Little Sis and Big Sis
Uncle Eddie, Dorothy, Witch, Bee, Minnie, Ann Romney, Crayon

Fun on the dance floor!
I love party pics
The future Mr & Mrs :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Maui 2012

After Courtney's Wedding Brian and I went to Maui to spend some time with our good friends the Campbells!

We got to see a beautiful sunset in Lahaina!

We also tried to maximize beach time. Here's my only photo of Nicole and Brian heading out to surf!

We got to paddle board with turtles and surf and just play! So much fun!


Friday, October 12, 2012

Courtney's Wedding

October 12, 2012 Courtney got married in a gorgeous Waikiki wedding. We made our way to the island of Oahu, where we enjoyed days of celebrating prior to Courtney and Delvin's big day. Our trip included a beautiful bridesmaid luncheon  hosted by the bride herself:

We also got a sneak peek at the gorgeous chapel for the rehearsal: 

 When the big day came, we spent the morning getting ready in a beautiful suite overlooking Diamond Head out the picturesque windows.

After months of waiting and preparing, and days of fun in the sun on Oahu, it was finally the big day!

After they tied the knot the newly weds looked picture perfect, and so, so happy.

After cutting the cake there were fireworks over the lagoon! Seriously, who has fireworks over a tropical lagoon? It was so beautiful!

Then is was time to celebrate, so that is exactly what everyone did:



Here are a few of my party pics: the boys lifting the groom to Shout, and the guests serenading Courtney's Boston-bred dad to Sweet Caroline:

They looked so happy and in love, and we feel so lucky to have shared this special day with our beautiful friends. Congratulations Courtney!

Here's to many more adventures and memories with the four of us :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Here's Kilee and I on our way to Waikiki!

We arrived at the hotel where Courtney and Delvin were to be wed!

We had dinner with Courtney, Lindsay, and Courtney's parents when we arrived.

One night we had a private cabana on the beach at Rum Fire:


And then the entire bridal party and friends in town took a catamaran ride by diamond head:

The pools at the Hilton were so beautiful, and we had so much fun having girl time and sneaking into the spa :)

I had so much fun with Courtney and the rest of the bridesmaids, but I was so happy when Brian came to join on Thursday!