Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dale: little and big!

When did he get so big??
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September 2012

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cabinet Corkboard

Thanks to Pinterest, there are lots of great crafty and organization ideas that I have fell in love with. One of them is a way to keep your invites organized. Our summers are full of fun activities, but sometimes it's easy to misplace the paper with directions to the venue, or where the couple is registered... you know, all the things that you don't program into you iphone calendar. Plus, people often spend a great deal of time and money on invites, and having been a bride and now a party planner, I cringe at the thought of just tossing the invite. That's were pinterest inspired me to help de-clutter and get crafty with a cabinet corkboard.

1- I got corkboard squares from Michael's

2- Measure, cut to size, and add double sided stickies

3- Prep the cabinet- get it clean and dry

4- Stick on the corkboards

5- Summer full of fun invites!
I have found due to the shallowness of the cork, it's great to use sewing pins at a steep angle to allow it to attach to more of the cork for added stability.

Also, when we don't have invites, it's great for directions to our house from the different places people get lost and there isn't enough cell service for GPS (yes, we live way out in the boonies), coupons we need to use soon, a recipe I want to use or any other sweet note or reminder I don't want cluttering up my counters.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sun River Nursing Conference

In the beginning of September, a few of my nurse friends and I got to go to a nursing conference in beautiful Sun River. It was a great conference in a beautiful place and we learned a lot of great new information to incorporate into our practice. We got to spend some fun time together too :)

We all got matching "Nurse Themed" socks. How cute are my friends, and how cute are these socks!

Before going to the conference, I went to the Duck Game with Briand. Check out our seats this season! Fun day in the sun and a Duck win! Go Ducks!

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Over labor day weekend Courtney's fellow bridesmaids and I went to Las Vegas to celebrate Courtney's Bachelorette. This is the Vegas crew on the rooftop over looking the strip:

Courtney, me, Lindsay & Courtney
Such a fun time, and definitely a weekend to remember! On the first night, the Courtneys and I went to Lavo and had an absolute blast:

We got into VIP right away and had drinks for free :) There was also a performance by LMFAO. So much stinkin' fun!

We had so much fun that, in fact, it was a little hard to come down the stairs in heels-
that's why I wear flats, ladies ;)

The next worning Lindsay came to join us, and we went to the pool!

That night we met up with the future family in law of Courtney for a night out on the town:

Saturday was a little rough, so we utilized the "Med Station" we set up in our hotel room:

Sunday we went to see the fountains and the shops:

The next night we went to Chippendales and then out to Pure, such a girly fun time:)

We all came out alive, with our livers still working :) Such a fun time, and I can't wait to see these ladies again at Courtney's wedding in Waikiki, Hawaii!