Thursday, June 28, 2012

Team USA

My friend Piper contacted me after the baby shower Jenna and I threw {seen here} to talk about the pennant flags we made and asked if I was interested in making some patriot themed pennant flags for Fourth of July. Without hesitation we made a date to meet at JoAnne's Fabric and then a few dates to work on these flag. Here's a peak at our trial run:

 Seriously, so cute, right?!

So we spent one day cutting fabric and cutting fabric and cutting fabric. And then I remembered, "Oh yes, this is a very tedious job" :) So for our next date we realized that we needed to drink much more to help the process.

We divided and conquered to get the flags done. Here is Piper hard at work pinning, an action shot of me working the sewing machine, and I am so proud to say that we made the cutest flags, ever.

We took the time to seriously catch up, talk about life, being a nurse and an NP, being a wife, everything! Not to mention recapping our long history as friends. We first met because our husbands work together, and then Piper helped me get a job at the VA during nursing school. With our experience working at the VA, we share a special spot in our hearts for the US veterans that gave so much for our country, and the Fourth of July is a great oppotunity to be patriotic and thankful. Many hours, and many drinks, later, here is our finished project:

Just in time for the Olympic Trials!! Definitely a decoration to keep forever and bring out annually for years to come! USA! USA! :) Thanks Piper for the cute craft!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Living room... in process

When we moved into our home, and for the past year, our living room has been very empty!! Couch, tv, coffee table. Nothin' much.

What I would like to see is fancy Notty Alder Buit-ins and Leather Chairs. I priced these out, and the Built-ins would be around $4K+ and this antique leather chair would be around $3K. That's not a budget priority right now. Champagne taste on a beer budget (again!), right?


Our big old sectional I got from a friend in nursing school is serving us well, but it was our only seating in the large empty room, so I have been searching and shopping for months now.

Out of the blue, a friend from college posted on her FB page that they were trying to sell her parent's green chenille formal living room chairs for around $100. I was sold. I drove down to Portland and loaded them into my family sized car (even though we don't have kids yet :) and brought them home! I thought I just about found the best deal ever!

Soon after, my friend Shaunna and I were at Target and found a houndstooth storage ottoman that matched our couch to add to our little seating area, and I felt like it was complete. I love this new little addition. It's very rustic and mix-and-match, and I really like this!

Being so excited, I didn't really take into consideration Brian's thoughts on our new little additions other than how much money I saved. HAHA! He was very surprised when he came home from work- and he doesn't like surprises. I figured I would explain how they can be just temporary and I can turn around and sell them for the same price, no problem. Think of them as a "loan" until we can afford all brand new living room furniture :) So far- so good. They are still there.

Little by little, and month by month our house is feeling more like a home. Filling in the empty areas, and making it more home-y. How do people furnish their homes so quickly with brand new furniture? I wouldn't mind if I could do that! Mixing and matching, getting creative, and sticking to a budget, we will get there, eventually.  Next up is a much better TV stand...