Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Brian!

Brian turned 27! His one request- Red Lobster. He's the birthday boy, so that's where we went :)

The Lobsters:

We also met up with friends on Friday for a birthday dinner downtown at the Old Spaghetti Factory. The staff and all our friends sang to him and sufficiently embarrassed him :)

Such a fun group, and a great person to celebrate! He's my favorite :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend in Eagle Crest

Brian and I spent Memorial Day Weekend in Eagle Crest with one of my best friends, Kilee! It always surprises me how breathtaking Central Oregon is. The week before we got a kitten named Brooks, so we brought her along for the long weekend because she is so tiny!

Brooks seemed a little overwhelmed by the Deschutes, but then she jumped in. We were pretty sure she was going to drift down stream... but she came out just fine, haha.

In Eagle Crest, Kilee and I spent mornings on her porch in the sunshine with great food, great coffee, and our little kitten! Please notice Kilee's beautiful engagement ring!!

Thanks for the amazing hospitality Kilee!

Brian spent the whole weekend fishing, and Kilee and I spent the whole weekend having girl time. It was amazing. We met up with Brian on the Deschutes on Sunday on the way home:

Such a fun weekend! I can't wait to go back!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rock and Roll Half Marathon

This January, I set a goal started training to run my second marathon in October. Part of my training was to do a 1/2 Marathon race. Having run a Marathon before, I wasn't feeling that excited about this race, because I thought, "how could this be a challenge? If I can run 26 miles before, I know I can do 13." I have no reason to be smug. 13.1 miles is still far, and it was still important for me to train and push myself.

The day of the race, I got butterflies and was so nervous and excited! Here I am waiting for my start:

Brian was such a supportive husband! He met me a few different places along the course with a sign :) He also got an action shot running photo- notice my neat fanny pack. haha :) It was so nice though to have water, snacks and music, but not have to hold anything. Don't judge.

This race was a challenge! I finished in 2:19:23 and it felt good!! It pushed my training and got me excited to continue training to be strong for the marathon in October.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Our Newest Addition

Meet Brooks!

She is so so so little.
She needed formula for a few more weeks and she definitely was acting more like an infant than a kitten:

She is getting bigger and faster... and I think we are getting used to each other!

Monday, May 14, 2012

May Flowers

On Mother's Day my mom and I went to a local McMinnville farm to get some hanging baskets, and we totally hit the Jackpot! We filled up the truck with beautiful flowers, and I got to see a friend from high school and meet her two beautiful twin boys. If you are in the McMinnville area, I would absolutely suggest Schmidt Farms

Today I spent the day working outside our house, planted new plants, and I am in love with our hanging baskets! This is coming from the girl who used to lie about having homework to get out of yard work (sorry Mom & Dad!)

The beautiful baskets :)

Trying an azalea on the left for the first time, and this is try #3 for getting a hydrangea to grow here on the right. I do not have a green thumb, obviously.

Our new little tree by the front door.

I love our house.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Future days...

Brian and I just spent Saturday night and all day Sunday at our respective parents' houses to celebrate with our own moms for Mother's day, and it was he first time we decided to split up on a holiday. We figured that it might be the last time we are not celebrating us on this special day, so we focused fully on our moms. I think our moms each enjoyed having us for the whole day, but it was a little odd dropping him off at his parents' and heading to mine. Flashback to college!

We just got home and were heading to bed, and I, being super mushy, explained to Brian how much I missed him and how he's my favorite person. He replied with his usual "you too"and said good night, but out of nowhere about a minute later he said "happy future mother's day."

My heart melted. I'm so in love with my husband.

Mother's Day

Beautiful Wine Country

Mother's Day was a fun excuse to get together with my family, and celebrate our mom! Not to mention the yummy food and great company! 

Max, Me, Mom, Ian & Skylar

We are all a little sunburned, but we love it!

I had to put this one in, no one looks awesome, except for Mom. Hahaha :)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

DIY Chalkboard

For our very "Pinterest Inspired" baby shower that my friend Jenna and I threw last week, we did a bunch of DIY crafts. One of my crafts for the party was inspired by my little sis for chalkboards made from old cabinet doors. Her blog, seen here, had a great step by step tutorial that made this a fun and cute project. Here is my version of the finished project:

I found 4 old cabinet doors downtown Portland at Re-Store, which is a habitat for humanity re-sale store downtown Portland. I found these cabinet doors for $1 a piece. That's right, $1!! Amazing!  With the help of Brian, we prepped our garage for spray paint and I got to work. Here are the steps:

1- Spray with primer
2- Tape off frame to protect from
the chalkboard paint

3- Spray with chalkboard paint

4- Take off tape and let paint dry

5- Tape Chalkboard area to protect
when painting the frame

6- Spray frame

7- Take off tape and let paint dry

8- Prep the chalkboard paint with chalk
and wipe clean
 Thanks Brian for the action pic :)

Here it is in action!

For more photos on the Three By The Sea baby shower please see my co-host Jenna's blog seen here and my blog post seen here.