Thursday, December 27, 2012

Molokai 2012 Part 2

The rest of the trip we got into the Christmas spirit while my mom made a little tree on the window with Xmas cards, Windy put together a palm with lights and a Santa hat top. So cute. We tried to maximize beach time and sunshine time, and Ian and I went on a tough 4 mile run into the trade winds. That made for a very slow pace but a ton of endorphins :)

As a family, we also went stand up paddle boarding... All 7 of the Bormans. Not gonna lie, I was a little nervous when everyone said they were interested, but it was such a fun experience! A few minor falls (not me ;), some turtles up really close, a rain storm, pretty rainbows, and some crazy surf... But overall it was a great time!

I got home just in time for Christmas with Brian, and looking back at the trip, I had a great vacation!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

On the 22nd, The Bormans all celebrated and exchanged gifts and I got some great gifts! Gifts for shopping, Swiss Chocolate, $ toward a camera I want, and a great over the shoulder Coach purse that will be great for our trip to Europe in May!! After a nice vacay in the sun, I returned from Hawaii on the 23rd in time to work the 24-26th. To my surprise when I woke up on Christmas Eve the didn't need all the nurses and they called me off! I went back to bed and Brian was a little sleepy still, but pretty cute when he said, "It's a Christmas Miracle!" Because Brian's family is pretty local, I was able to hang with him and his family while still on call at work. Luckily I didn't get called in, and I got to enjoy the holiday!

Our home with Xmas lights!

Christmas morning it was even more of a miracle because I got called off again! it was amazing! This is our 3rd Christmas as husband and wife, and it was great. It feels good to be settled in our home and start our own little traditions. We did stockings for each other and got to eat breakfast and watch Christmas Vacation... It was so fun!! Brian got me some great cold weather gear, including a heated vest! He also had an ornament made commemorating my marathon. My big gift from him was a sign that he hand made. It's the best. It was such a nice surprise to have Christmas morning with him! I missed the Bormans, but it was great to get to spend the holiday with Brian.

For my bday and Christmas I also got money and gift cards I saved and put it toward a new camera. I can't wait to document our adventures with it!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Molokai 2012

The Bormans rented the beach house on Molokai for the holidays this year after having a great experience here last year. It is a beautiful house and prime beach location, but hard to get to. I worked Sunday and flew out first thing Monday and made it to Honolulu without a hitch, but when I went to check in for my flight to Molokai on the local flight and found out that it was canceled. No call, no email, just cancelled without my knowledge. Awesome, thanks for the customer service. The other airlines had Molokai flights that were not canceled, but were totally full. I may, or may not, have cried a little in the tiny commuter terminal at the airport. Luckily, my friend Nicole lives in Maui and very luckily had not left for her Winter Break in Seattle with her family yet, so they were home and ready to take me in :) I caught a last minute Maui flight and booked a Maui-Molokai flight the next day, which was at the same time as their flight to Seattle. a little detour that was a little expensive, but totally worth it. It was great to see one of my best friends since I just happened to be in the area :) she saved the day, and it felt comfortable and homey to be with them. I am so thankful for my friend!

A day later than expected I made it to Molokai and got to spend some time at the beach with my family. Here are day one's Molokai pics:

Snow Bunny & Ski Patrol Birthday!

Since moving to Brush Prairie, Brian and I rarely host people in our home. Maybe like once a month... But these last few weeks have been a treat after hosting thanksgiving and then my birthday party! For my birthday we hosted a holiday themed party, sticking with a tradition that we started last year. 2011 we did a cocktail theme, this year we went more comfy and did Snow Bunnies and Ski Patrol. We played beer pong, flip cup, shot-ski, and we had every holiday drink we could think of. Such a fun birthday and so thankful for my friends! It was so fun to get the house decorated and have our friends over! Here are our party pics:

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

DIY Christmas Wreath

Last year, Brian thought it was so silly that we spent $20 on a wreath when they seem so simple to make. So this year I bought 3 wreath frames from Michael's for about $1.50 a piece, had Brian cut the bottom branches of our Chistmas tree off and set them aside (we need room for gifts anyway), and I used ribbon, twine and some cinnamon pine cones that we had. Here's my step by step of creating my very first wreaths!

Frames & Foliage

After tucking the boughs through the frame, I tied on pinecones with twine

I tied on a bow with a loop in the back to hang with

Finished Wreath!

I made 3 to go below our lights in front of our house! Love them!

After this Christmas Season I am going to keep the wraeth frames and pine cones for next year. Such a fun project!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Anniversary Ornament

I saw this adorable craft on Pinterest, and thought an ornament made of a wedding invitation was the perfect gift for my newly-wed best friend Courtney. I wanted to practice first so I made myself a little ornament... and I love it. I still love the mementos from our wedding 2 1/2 years ago, such great memories. Please feel free to see details of our day here! This project was very self explainatory: